Scott Levine

About Scott

Having worked in many genres of photography has allowed me a keen ability to quickly problem solve and adapt to any situation.  I love creating photography for Portraits and Commercial assignments in a relaxed and fluid way.  I consider each assignment a fresh canvas to communicate my client's vision and emotions through my experienced photographic eye into something visually delightful, exciting the senses.  For me, this is what makes photography so Awesome.

A bit of my story

As the son of a Professional Photographer, I was fascinated with photography at an early age.  When I was 11, I knew this was to be my life's work.  I spent as much time as possible by my father's side, observing and learning the craft of photography.  By age 16, I was already photographing portraits in the studio and learning wedding photography.  I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology and earned a BFA in Illustrative Commercial Photography. I attribute my time at RIT for allowing me a fluid transition into the Digital Age of Photography.  I have also provided technical product evaluation and support for Companies such as Kodak, Lumedyne, Noritsu and LustreColor.

I am a 20+ year member of the Professional Photographers of America, and also a member of Professional Photographers of America Massachusetts.  For those photographers not fortunate to have had a formal education in photography, I give back to the photographic community by teaching seminars, classes and courses, that help new photographers get a better understanding of the technical and craft of photography.  So when you see terms like "Certified Professional Photographer" or "Craftsmen", or even "Master",  the education I, as well as many other seasoned professionals provide, helps to get them that status.  

I am also available for education, consulting and seminars in Photographic Lighting through out the year.

Scott Levine